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Important Information

  • Each ticket is good for one vehicle.

  • The number of guests in the vehicle must be equivalent to the number of seats in the vehicle.

  • Buses and vans are not permitted.

  • Music and entertainment will begin according to your ticket time.

  • The film will begin 45m after the ticket time (ie. If your ticket time is 5:15PM the film will begin at 6:00PM) Please arrive at your ticket time to allow enough time to park and order concessions.

  • Guests must stay in their vehicle (sitting on a truck bed is permitted)

  • Sitting outside of the vehicle is not permitted.

  • Hatchbacks must remain closed.

  • Wearing a mask is required when walking outside of the vehicle, going to concessions, and using restroom facilities.

  • You will be asked to practice social distancing while on property.

  • Please do to not leave any trash on property. Out-Safe will be collecting trash on your way out.

  • For safety reasons, all items sold will be card only. We cannot accept cash. 


Our Out-Safe Promise

  • All ticket sales will be touch-less/online.

  • Cars will be parked 6’ apart from each other.

  • Out-Safe personnel will be wearing face masks and carry hand sanitizers.

  • Concession orders will be taken at your vehicle and delivered to your vehicle.

  • Concessions stands will be equipped with social distancing barriers and social distancing floor decals.

  • Restroom lines will have social distancing floor decals.

  • Bathrooms will be sanitized after each use.

  • Hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers will be available on property.

  • Masks and hand sanitizers will be sold on property.

  • For safety reasons, all items sold will be card only. We cannot accept cash.

  • We will have first aid available on property.

  • If your car battery dies, we will have a jump box on property. 

Zero Tolerance Policy 


  • No disruptive behavior will be tolerated.

  • No audio video recording permitted. 

  • No over crowded vehicles. 

  • No drugs or alcohol allowed.    

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