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If  you haven't already, check out our 'Rules & Restrictions' page under 'Important Information' tab 

When should I arrive?

We suggest you arrive at or before your ticket time to enjoy pre-movie entertainment and order food from concessions. The movie begins 45 mins after your ticket time. During that time vehicles will be directed to their parking spots and concession employees need to go around to each vehicle to take orders before the movie. 

How do I know what station to tune into?

The screens will list what radio station to tune into. 

What if my radio isn't working? How do I listen in? 

You can bring a battery operated radio. Contact an Out-Safe representative for assistance.  

How many people does each ticket allow?

Each ticket allows one vehicle. No over crowded vehicles allowed. 

Should I bring anything? 

We have many suggestions of things you can bring to make your experience extraordinary. Check out the 'Tips and Suggestions page' under the 'Important Information' Tab. 

Can I pick were to park? 

To make sure traffic runs smoothly and safely, we will be directing you to a parking spot. We can not allow vehicles driving around looking for a better spot to protect our guests who might be walking to restrooms and concession facilities. Please note: larger vehicles such as trucks, mini-vans, and SUVs will be parked in the back half of the parking lot to prevent obstruction of view for the smaller vehicles. 

Will there be restrooms?

Yes. The type of restroom will depend on the location. Some locations have permanent restroom structures on location, others will have portable restrooms. All restrooms will be sanitized after each use. 

Can I stay after the movie?

No. All vehicles need to clear out within 45 mins after the film to allow for vehicles for the next showing to arrive. Please note that you will be on private property and will be asked to leave after the film. 

What if it rains? Will the event be canceled? 

Our team will monitor all weather systems heading to the event area. Our LED screens are rated for storms and picture quality will not be affected. Films will be able to be viewed rain or shine. We will only cancel screenings if there is a tropical storm warning or tornado warning. If a warning is announced during an event, our Out-Safe team will make an announcement over the radio and we will evacuate the facility in a quick and safe manner.

If you have any questions please submit all inquiries to 

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